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Today, not collapsing economy, a system based on self-interest and institutionalized profit at the expense of others. When the authorities to explain to people the true causes of what is happening and provide them with practical knowledge of the requirements already arisen a global, universal system, then no one will have to prepare for wars. Learning the laws of the new world – a pledge the overall success in combating the crisis. Anna Plotnikova More: The Last drop – war or peace? Will not part with this life, I will be forever young people have never parted with the hope of eternal life. Before trying to conquer death spells and incantations, and now in the course are cutting-edge science.

Researchers from Stanford University found that the aging process is started by specific genes. If their findings are confirmed, it is likely that one day science will be able to 'mothball' youth. The world-renowned gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, who visited Moscow in early March, I am sure that people can live up to 1000 years. Scientists are determined to perpetuate our body, but the problems of human relationships is still their strength. In fact, they promise us another dystopia called 'immortals consumer society'. Elementary logic suggests, first we must learn to live with each other, and then open the gates of immortality. However, science is unlikely to help.

The formula we have good relations themselves. Giora More Stark: On the life, death and immortality is not an enemy of Iran, because more expensive sneakers … Psychologists have argued that the greater the desire to isolate themselves from others, the more quickly disclosed the relationship. This paradox we are witnessing today in foreign policy. Globalization forces countries to interact, since the usual principle of 'every man for himself' does not work anymore. However, politicians still exhibit inertia of thinking, despite the fact that life always brings about changes and confuses their cards. On one of these international incidents newspaper The Times. " The U.S. military in Afghanistan recently began to eat poorly. From their diet completely disappeared usual chips, sneakers and a Coca-Cola. And it's not a superpower in economic problems, and in the banal 'quarrel with their neighbors. " Supplies for deployed U.S. military in Afghanistan is still carried out through Pakistan, but the internal instability in the Islamic republic and forced to abandon the diversion of cargo transportation through the country. Way through Central Asia to the United States also closed due to 'double game' with Russia in the struggle for influence in Asia. That leaves the third option, which recently more and more inclined in America: an agreement on supplies through Iran. International sanctions can wait, because the more expensive sneakers … It seems that soon the day when have to negotiate everything and everyone. Vital interests are forced to find ways of cooperation and interrelation of all parts of the world is becoming increasingly important. Svetlana Balashov More: Crisis: pilot error or something more?

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