State Clear Mount University

The woman comes throughout the time surpassing the preconception and constructing to its space in the sectors economic, social and politician, through the search for more qualification, if she inserts in Superior Ensino and she also becomes basic personage in this scene. The feminine trajectory of the submission to the conquest of its space in Superior Ensino certainly is reason of pride for the history of the humanity, even so this is soled of preconceptions, injustices also deal with a history of overcoming and victories. Muraro (2002, p.191) analyzes the social performance of the woman in this third millenium as one ' ' revolution fantstica' ' , where the woman surpasses the patriarchate and faces in equality to the requirements of ' ' world competitivo' ' current, however, this fight still seems, to be far from the end, therefore in many modern cultures the women still are victims of dogmas and ideologies that hinder its freedom, without speaking in the guarded, however, equally harmful preconception, of the societies that if say democratic. Treatment in this article the overcoming and the process of construction of the identity of the woman, a time that I considered myself to analyze the trajectory and ascension of the woman in the teaching scene of Superior Ensino being had as empirical field the State Clear Mount University where the feminine performance was, and still it is determinative to the existence and success of the institution. The UNIMONTES is situated in the Clear Mount city in meso region North of Minas Gerais. In accordance with information in the official site of the Municipal Clear Mount City hall (2009) the city in recent years received some institutions from Superior Education, is 13 particular institutions beyond the campus of the Federal University of Minas Gerais and the State Clear Mount University that offers 50 courses of graduation, beyond after-graduations and mestrados, where studies 30 a thousand colleges student.

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