State Forest University

gazebo gazebos usually perceived by us as a wooden structure. However, advanced technologies allow the arbor to make out an unusually alternatives, what is much stronger, more reliable and durable timber. We use for the manufacture of polycarbonate pavilions. gazebo made of polycarbonate, passing, I must admit, technical advantages, have an equally strong and aesthetically appealing party. In a sort of bowers transparent roof, so during the day in this place every time a light and very romantic at night. The choice we can offer a little bit, in fact, standard pavilions, so you can order a gazebo on, in fact, own eskizu.Bolee garden, made of larch is particularly durable because the very real material is not affected by the destruction of fungi and insects, has a high highly resistant to weathering, because it is an ideal combination of density and resinous it is twice the oak in its resistance to decay, but due to its hardness, over time, he barely gaining even greater strength and density. Equally, consistently, truly a study of the Moscow State Forest University, larch wood has better fire resistance than wood sosny.Besedka made of larch, a beautiful natural color, and brilliantly expressed very precisely annual rings – give it a special charm of nature, enabling craftsmen to create a more amazingly beautiful huge amount veschi.Suschestvuet types of arbors.

This is a garden arbors, and stunningly suburban arbors, pergolas, gazebos barbecue. You can then transfer, but you do see them, open the directory company's products. Our experts at making use of arbors stunningly different, as the congregation drank, and before finishing materials. Their quality is the test of time, and the names of producers have a positive reputation and weight in their highly specialized kategoriyah.Iz under their arms out stunningly wooden pergolas, gazebos and so the same polycarbonate that has replaced true natural materials and through its other properties, and enriched construction. From now on, truly summer pavilions have become even lighter.

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