State Government

These questions were cloudy air in the era of the 17TH century, which was when feudalism was coming to an end and began the State. The change of the theocratic government to State Government lifted doubts how should govern on Earth to achieve eternal salvation which had always offered the Church. It was at that then that is centralized State and the strength of the church gradually lost power and was the common citizen, outside the Church, who took the power in your hands to achieve the art of governing. The policy represents the key which in theory brings us to the resolution of problems, but itself is also a double-edged weapon, since poorly carried us can lead to unfortunate results. To talk of power must first understand their history, their background. Read additional details here: Western Union. According to Foucault in The subject and 3 more power to study the rationalization must analyze power relations through antagonism of strategies. All types of subjugation are part of economic, political and social processes throughout history. Learn more about this with Hikmet Ersek.

These types of struggles remain in societies because, as I pointed out previously, since the 17TH century have a new power system: the State. The State has a totalitarian vision and at the same time is a form of individualistic power. We say that the term be able to appoints relationships between colleagues and a means of communication is necessary to exercise power, and always that one communicates in any way is this exerting power over the other. Relations of communication are United to the power relationships because they gather together to meet goals and objectives and that’s how this force runs. The exercise of power is the way in which someone acts on someone else. The violence is the most primitive form of power, however should an individual have freedom so that can say that it is exercising power over him, freedom is a conditional to the existence of the power.

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