Stream Cleaners

Steam cleaners – this is the perfect assistant for each owner. They cleaned the house will not cause any trouble either, and vice versa, will take a lot of pleasure. Steam cleaners are used to clean tile floors, carpets and rugs coverings, upholstered furniture, curtains, any plastic sheeting, extra tips will also help clean the windows and plumbing, cleaning the pipe. In addition, using the washing vacuum cleaner, it is possible to spray flavored liquid. However, we must remember that some of the coverage afraid of moisture, such as: parquet, wooden furniture, natural carpets and floor coverings. Such a vacuum cleaner after sprinkling water does not collect it at 100% and if cleaning is done often enough, then the surface may not have time to dry out completely, which in turn can lead to mold. In this case, it is better to switch to dry-cleaning mode, should also pay attention to the power vacuum: the more powerful vacuum cleaner, the less moisture it leaves behind.

Steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning large areas, where there is a need for frequent wet cleaning, for example, if you live in the house pets. Of particular importance are becoming cleaner, if the house is allergic, because These vacuums can suck up even the smallest dust particles. Also, use detergent cleaner in large premises due to its large size. This vacuum cleaner is much heavier and unwieldy their smaller counterparts, designed exclusively for dry cleaning. Not surprisingly, the washing vacuum cleaner includes tanks clean and dirty water, which by their terms can reach, respectively, from 2.3 liters to 10 liters and 5 liters to 20 liters.

The operating principle of the washing vacuum cleaner based on the passage of dust through water filters. Water with detergent from one the tank is sprayed under pressure on the surface to be cleaned and then soaked up the vacuum cleaner and into another tank for the dirt. Here we are faced with the first drawback of the washing vacuum cleaner – after each cleaning detergent vacuum cleaner to disassemble, clean and dry. Consider other drawbacks detergent cleaner. The second drawback is that substantially increases energy consumption. And thirdly, are these significantly cleaner expensive. Walk well on the main technical characteristics to consider when buying a washing pylesosa.1. Suction power washing vacuum cleaner: for more or less high-quality cleaning it should be about 400 watts. 2. Volume of tank: it all depends on the size of the room cleaned. So, for cleaning 3-room apartment to an average of 4.5 liters of pure water. 3. Filtration. Modern cleaning vacuums are equipped with aqua-filters. In the process Cleaning dirt and dust pass through the water in the aqua-filter, which remain, and the air is coming out. Also used additional fine filters and hepa class S. 4. Tube. Modern models are equipped with wet vacuum telescopic tube whose length can be changed. On the handset can be located electronic control unit. Tube for a vacuum cleaner is made from plastic or stainless steel. In terms of reliability better than steel tubes, but Plastic is cheaper and easier. 5. Nozzle. The standard detergent cleaner is about 7 brushes and nozzles for different purposes – for dry cleaning, wet cleaning, upholstered furniture, washing windows and mirrors, etc.

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