Successful Day Seminar Titled

New record number of participants in January the remarks by Mr economic attorney Dr. Horst S. Werner as presenter of Dr. Werner financial services AG covered topics starting with the current market situation, equity and the typical mezzanine financing to the bearer bonds. The practical raising of capital for businesses, the placing on the market and the sales took a wide room. “The event was rounded off with the presentations by Mr Mario Werner, CEO of beclever Werbeagentur AG, on the topics making the prospectus documents”, in particular the legal consequences incorrect graphical implementation, and Nicolo Martin, project manager emissions marketplace, on the subject of solutions in the field of marketing and financial communications “. The seminar dealt with legal and actual problems and challenges of independent corporate finance, was above all an exchange among the seminar participants in a seminar-integrated practitioners workshop.

Target group of the seminar were Entrepreneurs, financial service providers, and consultants interested in Bank-independent finance company (www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de) as well as an exchange of experiences among themselves. This seminar was worth a hundred times for me”was described by participants and speakers the event as attractive. The seminar participants rated the seminar as exemplary. “The best event on the subject” and there was emphasis on the important points, insignificant special topics were conveniently omitted “were just some of the consistently positive comments of the participants. In addition, interest in a continuation of the seminars was signaled by different pages by Dr. Werner financial services AG. The next seminar takes place in Nuremberg, Germany, at the best living AROTEL, on March 6, 2008, from 10:00 until 17:00. Entrepreneurs who are interested in further seminars, can contact in an email to Dr. Werner financial services AG or otherwise come in contact with. It can also further topic proposals.

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