Summer School

To all of us have long known that the level of modern school education in Russia is far from ideal, and decreases with each passing year. The average Russian student is no longer shines wit and ingenuity, as evidenced by and the level of students entering universities. Nevertheless, in each even a high school there is always inquisitive students aspiring to something greater than the majority of their peers. But often the biggest challenge of such children in a lack of like-minded peers, thinking with them "on the same wavelength, which makes them outcasts in their school and lead to fainting thrust to the study. One of the best ways to create such children appropriate medium of intellectual communication is to hold winter and summer schools. My experience shows that it is intensive interaction with their peers, motivated by learning, gives children the momentum for further intellectual development, and sometimes just strength to resist the negative influence of the environment.

Currently, there are many variety of summer and winter schools. As a rule, they are held in the period school holidays on the basis of some of the Camp. They differ in focus. Technology at millennium contributes greatly to this topic. But in the main they are all alike – summer and winter school consists of learning and leisure. Classes usually are university professors, graduate students, teachers leading schools. Often in the summer and winter schools in addition to regular teachers are invited to the so-called "guests" – experts in their fields, who give lectures and conduct workshops with students. As I noted earlier, life in such schools is not limited to training.

This and recreation, including sports, drama competitions, role-playing and mind games, kvn and much more. But perhaps one of the most important part of summer and winter schools – is an intense intellectual communication, which is so often lacking shkollniku in everyday life. Therefore, if in front of you (or in front of your child), the question is how to spend the holidays, you know – there is always a pleasant and useful option. While talking about it almost meaningless. The best way to find out what the summer or winter school – is to go there.

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