Suntech Power

This happened not least including the position structure of the Quercus trust. There was almost no stopping n since late 2007, but more for the losses in the shares of WORLDWATER & SOLAR. The shares lost alone from mid-2008 until now again about 70% of market value. This was the emergency sales of many institutional investors, who have withdrawn from special industries, such as for example the solar field. Now the technical situation is again promising. The medium-term downtrend could be broken on Friday.

Shares of the company were again increased demand since the beginning of the year under increased trading revenues in the United States. But while other solar companies, such as for example the Suntech Power in recent weeks more than doubled, the shares of WOLRDWATER & SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES CORP. only at the beginning of a potential bull market. This could lead in the next few days in the range of 0.40. We see a small possible resistance at this price level. It would go after overcoming this resistance then rapidly into the price range of 0.50 0.55. From the local level, more than 75% would be odds of course.

The analysts of the tradersreport would a first speculative Tradingposition in the stocks WORLDWATER & SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES CORP. build with ERM 909889 up up 0.30. Necessarily cover their Tradingposition with an individual stop limit, E.g. ated topic. 0.21. Our first destination of course run by a few weeks is 0.40. In the term of three months, we see rates by 0.50 0.55 as very realistic. We wish you a successful start in the stock-exchange year 2009 good luck with your tradersreport-team trading our subscribers have this Tradingidee already exclusive on January 11, 2009 received.

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