New Fast Lane Course: Portbasierte Authentication With 802.1 X (PBA)

Securing network access theorical and practical knowledge of Hamburg/Berlin, June 26, 2008 which has IT training specialist fast lane at the rate of Portbasierte authentication with 802.1 x (PBA) a new, own developed training in the portfolio. With this training, all administrators will be addressed first and foremost that are planning to use the 802.1 […]

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Small drives are from the automotive, indispensable in the industry and the consumer sector. Small drives are from the automotive, indispensable in the industry and the consumer sector. Their use in the car but also in other areas is constantly increasing. So for example the increased demands for comfort in the car always new solutions […]

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Better Grades

Learning support Tempelhof advises borrowing parents on January 30, 2009 it is to get back that far Berlin students their assess and like every year, there are long faces in many families. The level of academic achievement to see what leads to despair and helplessness among many parents is now black on white. The week […]

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Good Education, Good Education

Trainees of the Hyatt Regency Mainz say parents ‘Thank you!’ Mainz, January 2012 the trainees of the Hyatt Regency Mainz are happy about their training place, because they have now managed the first step into the professional world after graduating from school. Three years, they go through all departments of the hotel by the Accounting […]

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Executive General

The essentials of a successful corporate management in the General management program for executives the Executive General management program provides the essential tools for effective corporate governance. In this two-part training offer, seasoned leaders learn at the same time to define the success of their area of responsibility with short-term and long-term goals. Objective of […]

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Support For The Craft

The Rubicon-Institut in Schollkrippen offers apprentice preparation at the latest at the beginning of the new training year many training establishments in Germany again faced a great challenge. Learn more on the subject from Cedars Sinai. The reason: The new apprentices and trainees coming while out of school. But does the knowledge brought from there […]

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Wisoak Offers New In-service Qualification

15 individually bookable modules at 3 levels transition to the possible Bremen/Bremerhaven University of applied sciences. Demographic change does not stop with his tendency to shortages of workers even before the logistics. Trained professionals are indispensable good and up to date in this dynamic industry. The in-service qualification to the / the “IT logistics/in” workers […]

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Efficient Training In Focus

Expensive training vs. Gratisseminare on a donation basis the EU lifelong learning education programme consisting currently of four sub-programs, which fully a particular education cover. Education, higher education, vocational education and training and adult education. In addition, there are other support programs. Against this background, the charitable foundation EBWK, Gratisseminare on a donation basis offers […]

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Start The Event Series

Successful marketing from initial contact up to the regulars on Sep 9, 2009 starts the StrategieCentrum Sudwestfalen its event series on the road in South Westphalia”with a workshop of the demand pull”experts Anton Dostal. Anton Dostal has more than 20 years trainer, marketing consultant, seminar providers, coach, journalist and author of the bestselling never more […]

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Personnel – optimise it to December 15, 2009 has Anneke Malsch (32) area business development of the Hamburg-based Internet service provider optimise it ( took over the management. The evolution of the business model and strengthening the sales expertise among their tasks. Still she is responsible for the areas of corporate communications and marketing strategy. […]

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