For Early Termination Of Contract Of Bank Deposit (deposits) And

Today, citizens and businesses are faced with the necessity and impossibility of simultaneously early termination of contracts of bank deposit (deposit) and failures of commercial banks' outstanding contribution to the first request depositor. 1. The grounds for refusal of commercial banks outstanding contribution to the first demand of a depositor are National Bank of Ukraine […]

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International Monetary Fund

Very good news showing that our country becomes more and more weight in the world. The Board of Directors of the International Monetary Fund held redistribution of quotas and voice in the Fund, which is the head of the organization, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has called “historic”, the press service of the IMF. It is not something […]

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ATM Account

The mechanism of subscription to the push-messages often include a mandatory supplementary agreement between the bank and the customer, which defines the customer's consent to receive certain information from the bank. For example, the Russian Standard Bank, "reported subscribers for this service about any changes to bank account sends a list of recent transactions made […]

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