Seville University

The cavalcade of Kings of Seville, organized as always by the Ateneo, covers many areas of the city.The University, output and input of the cavalcade of Kings of Seville Partira like last year from the Rectorate of the University of Seville to traverse the city almost from one end to another, reaching passing by places […]

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National University

He was sitting in the offices of the CEM, an afternoon and suddenly begins to spread a rumor in the corridors of the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Trujillo a rumor? Yes, a strong rumor!, they said that the proof of the written exam of medicine IV had gone before the exam […]

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Financial Management

Financial management: Opportunities of the crisis the crisis tend to be the fuel needed by our ingenuity to find opportunities that help us to overcome them. The exploitation of these opportunities can not only let us overcome the complications of the moment but also strengthen future business. Improvement of structures: to identify opportunities for improvement, […]

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