Petersburg State University

The most efficient basis for obtaining adsorbents with targeted control properties can be aluminosilicate minerals, since their structure can enter virtually any organic additives and mineral origin, which will be attached to the surface of grains required properties. Distinctive and positive feature of these minerals is a "defect" in their crystal lattice and the ability […]

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Centrifugal Pump

An important advantage of pumps in comparison with elektroanalogami – full autonomy and independence from the presence of voltage. They operate on gasoline or diesel fuel. All pumps are equipped with four-stroke engines, very reliable and environmentally friendly. They are very compact, high efficiency – up to 1000 liters per minute. Pumps are divided into […]

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Danish Temperature

– To date, our company already has installations for heating water using solar energy. Their distinguishing feature is the ability as a standalone operation (automatic control of heating), and system integration of individual heat your home. " These units can work in conjunction with other heat-generating devices (eg gas boilers), and the user gets a […]

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Engine Equipment

The main engines and aggregates turbozubchatye place, usually in the hold. Their foundations should have a tough relationship with a core set of shell. On single-shaft ships main engine or main unit turbozubchaty are usually located in the center plane, while twin-shaft installations, or when two engines operating on a common shaft, the main engines […]

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