Tatyanas Day

For nearly two centuries, January 25 – Russian Student Day – stands apart in an infinite chrede holidays, it is no accident. This is the famous St. Tatiana's Day, which brought together all of Tatiana and all students. The script of the colorful and diverse. In the old days at the beginning of the day held an official part of congratulations, and then widely Russian feast, where students and teachers together celebrated student Tatiana's Day holiday. On this day abolished all the differences – age and caste, abolished all ranks and titles are equalized between rich and poor – all they felt their fellow citizens' s republic ".

Prominent scientists and officials are important, successful jury Attorneys and fashion journalists felt themselves to this day "old students". They recalled the great days of my youth. This was their day too. That is why with ease and speed the day of foundation of a university was general student holiday throughout the country. Tatyana's Day was celebrated everywhere. It combines the professors, students, current and 'ex' all over Russia.

Students from the rich, ' "decent celebrate the holiday with family and dressed in something simpler, joined his comrades. They were waiting for the owners of restaurants, pubs and restaurants. They have not locked the doors of their institutions, but carefully prepared in advance. The most famous and hospitality was a restaurant "Hermitage", where for this case the splendid furniture was replaced by a simple precaution tables with benches, expensive mirrors are removed and the floors are covered with a thick layer of sawdust. So free yourself guests and feel calmer – the owners. For students in the kitchen preparing the day only cold appetizers. Fed vodka, cheap wine and beer. At the table sat all mixed up – favorite professors, popular journalists, students, lawyers, a district figures. It was a riotous, sometimes outrageously riotous celebration. Slender sequence of speeches gave way to the general loud conversation, somewhere they sang and raised on the tables especially favorite speakers some venerable bearded professors tossed. There were dismissed languages, even during the most evil of the reaction. Speech which is spoken nowhere could no longer be repeated at least another year. Students had fun Reckless and liberated. They are intoxicated feeling of freedom. Tradition of this day are preserved to this day. Student brethren as hosting large festivals more than a hundred years ago, and today a student in the universities of young Russian fun celebrates Tatiana's day, which just coincides with the end of the session. When difficult exams and tests are already behind, Tatyana's Day for the students an excellent opportunity to gather together in an informal setting, to remember the former, just spend time in good company. Tatyana's Day – a holiday of youth, celebration of all those who keep a fire in the soul of creativity and freedom, the thirst for knowledge, search and discovery. Good luck, students and teachers of all generations! Poem: Have students patrons, and even a single day, When the fun, I'm sorry, And all at once to learn laziness. Tatyana, you have to inspire and to drill and work, and have fun letting, and to protect from harm. Take, Tatiana, worship, whether we patroness, Bless us to enlighten scholars and academic way.

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