Technical Documentation

Without a hearing before the end of the "problem" which consists in translation of technical documentation, I heard not a very long answer, which could be interpreted as a polite refusal. With great difficulty I managed to pull information about prices for services. The answer is pretty vague 25-30 uah. Read additional details here: Covid-19 vaccine. for 1800 characters, depending on complexity. How and who decides whether the "complexity" I could not learn as well as the mode of operation. Maybe it's too confidential information is not available simply to clients.

On the same request translation of technical documentation for hardware, I turned to the translation "Gulf Stream". In the third set I managed to get on the free line and I put together with the operator. Communicating with a pleasant female voice instilled confidence in the decision shortly "problem" for a very reasonable cost. Particularly pleased me, as a potential customer the opportunity to get a discount. It is worth noting that the word "discount" has a magical effect, especially when the first conversation. Despite attempts to ask tricky questions from me, not brushed aside, but instead showed a maximum of attention.

After talking with the company I mentally put up the highest score for the courtesy and the quality of advice. Clarity of presentation of information I was awarded a solid quintet with a plus, but sometimes felt a schoolgirl in the classroom. As for the cost – an interpreter would cost me 36 usd. for 1860 characters. Time of the transfer are also called real – 5 pages per day.

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