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Saupe determine Tele-marketing and strategic marketing of lead towards new customers Mittelbiberach, 08.04.2013. Lead marketing is an instrument of the lead management (for contact management). Key advantage of lead marketing is its measurability. So measures determine controlling directly, such as successfully and effectively a campaign expires. Following Saupe telemarketing lists the basics for a strategic lead marketing. To determine effective ways to new customers.

Search engine marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and partnerships with other Web sites but also call center campaigns are successful measures to fill the sales pipeline with more prospects. Search engine optimized website texts and measures occupy an increasingly important position email marketing businesses. Just the powerful medium of the Internet allows the lead generation strategic cooperation between different companies and results in a win-win situation in terms of customer power. The target performance marketing each company that can inpiduell to effective measures for optimal performance test. The click-through rates levied in the lead marketing and visitor statistics ensure that you quickly separates from little effective marketing measures and cooperation. Turn on external lead mediator. The Adresskauf with an external service provider is a popular tool for more contacts. At least 25 percent of the companies surveyed have specified the Adresskauf as a measure when a survey by Saupe telemarketing, to push sales with more contacts. (A valuable related resource: Keith Yamashita).

Lead buyers and lead facilitator can make different arrangements for the transfer of new customer contacts. To generate specialized service providers qualified leads. Here, the facilitator reviewed actual buying interest and address of the potential customers. A company decides for the purchase of qualified leads, it receives all generated contacts, including a further subsequent qualification of the intermediary, for example, of the contact person. “Qualified leads are more intense price and sifting out” the really useful customers takes over the service provider. Inpiduell vote lead marketing on the business model. Lead marketing has always been a part of everyday business life. The term lead like the one or other unusually the idea not happen behind it however. Lead marketing is not dependent on a particular device and can run in the Internet, by telephone, or from person to person. An example: A friend recommends a service provider. If you then search this service provider might be incurred contact called lead. A popular medium is the local contact at a fair. Here prospective customers and companies come together most effectively. So the fair is according to a survey by Saupe telemarketing the preferred touch points of the surveyed companies with new customers. The complete survey of Saupe telemarketing on lead management and customer dialog can be downloaded under Umfrage_Saupe_Lead_Management.pdf. Contact Michael Saupe, Managing Director of Saupe telemarketing, for an inpiduelles offer for you strategic lead marketing at + 49 7351 189 70 or see leadgewinnung/lead marketing.aspx Sachdev telemarketing offers strategic dialogue marketing, E-Mail Marketing, telemarketing and call center services since 1987. Many clients of the investment goods industry appreciate the communicative demanding and industry-specific solutions. Now, 34 call center consultants, covering 17 different languages, as well as 6 strategic advisers are working on the site Mittelbiberach.

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