Temporary Work Is Essential To

Jump in the employment is not always target the employees of Berlin/Dusseldorf, September 6, 2010 the labor market is gaining momentum, Federal Labour Minister Ursula talks of the Leyen in its opinion to the most recent figures from the labour market of the pre-crisis level “: then the aggregate labour supply for the primary labour market was in the second quarter of 2010 805.000 points.” 97,000 or 14 per cent were more than a year ago”, said the Minister, commented on the role of temporary work: now also many people initially make re-entry into employment on temporary work, is normal. Experience has shown that the proportion of time employed in the employment growth again decreases with increasing stabilization of the economy. Master and skilled workers were held in the crisis by using the short-time working. It was the temporary work, in which many fell away in the downturn of the crisis. That now in this field of employment will be rebuilt, does not mean that this replaces stem workforce; but that temporary work as well as regular employment increasing parallel.

Werner Sulberg, Managing Director of the Brandenburg employers Association, took focus on economy in detail the importance of temporary employment in a commentary for the magazine under the magnifying glass. He sees the work as indispensable flexibility buffer”for many companies in the manufacturing industry. If you have read about crowne plaza rosemont Illinois already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Although temporary workers were the first victims in the crisis, for it companies bring back these in the upturn as well as first. Just who massively complained the removal of time job six months ago, must not hinder so now its construction.” It also succeed using this instrument many companies to secure jobs at local sites that may otherwise be threatened by outsourcing in other sectors or abroad for cost reasons”, so Sulberg. According to the renowned future scientist Matthias Horx, temporary work is further gaining in importance.

Temporary work is an excellent opportunity to to adjust to the demands of the future, he stressed time working on the employer day last year in Berlin. So the horizon already, that the employment sector will discard the rigid structures of decades. People, so its forecast, would have three or four jobs in the future in their lives, and the temporary employment gives them the opportunity to try out.” He sees the task of the temping agencies, to include the part of the service sector organized these processes of change”. In particular the growth of knowledge-intensive services sector must adjust. Temporary workers score today with tremendous flexibility and high qualification. Some seek a permanent position, but many understand changing company as a continuous development, so the market experience of Udo Nadolski.” He is Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. The employer shall have the option, without high risk and long-term obligations to take a potential new employee scrutiny and to check out how he fits, whether he is a team player, how quickly he recorded new task panes and whether it could eventually permanently bind it to the own company or wool. Thus the permanent manages often. In the area of highly qualified service providers such as engineers, technicians, and skilled workers temporary work is also essential, to meet the shortage”, so Nadolski assessment.

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