The Best Tower Defense Flash Games

The popular genre is a classic Flash game genre is a relatively new genre of game Tower Defense. It began with bonus maps for the 1998 published real time strategy game StarCraft. Learn more at this site: SYPartners
. It experienced his breakthrough with Warcraft III, because there a complex map editor allowing extensive modifications to the actual gameplay. The popularity of the genre led to numerous new phenomena, including the successful indie game plants vs. zombies. It is noteworthy that many Flash games find among the best representatives of this genre. Reverse Flash, see many Tower Defense games the most successful.

Gemcraft, which has appeared in numerous variants is considered a classic. Gemcraft are gems in the Center, with which you can equip including towers to make them so kampfstarker. Depending on quality of the gemstone, the greater his magical powers. At first glance quickly, at second glance probably the best Tower Defense of all time is cursed treasure. Here you are on pages of the wicked”and defended against the Armies of good”a cursed treasure. The aim is to observe the conditions of the terrain, strategically employ the different tower types and at the right moment to use spells to be victorious in the end. With experience points do you unlock towers upgrade and new skills, which enhances the long-term motivation. Cursed treasure in the meantime published a level Pack.

We waited for a second part so far in vain, but the fans do not give up hope. Many while away the time with Kingdom rush, a relatively new Tower Defense Flash game. The gameplay somewhat reminiscent of this cursed treasure, however you can build not only towers, but also send a barracks, the units in the field and brakes to the onrushing opponents or destroy. Under a plethora of good Tower Defense Flash games, there are some very play values representative. More than have been listed here. See… You can find all they. The gamepad gurus collect all Flash games and sort them by user reviews, so that very quickly to make a Overview of the best representative of a genre WINS.

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