The Concept Of Search Engine Optimization !

In this article I want to dismantle the concept of search engine optimization. When considering I will not go beyond the definition, and will consider only the concept of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization – this is a kind of science that studies ways to promote web resources in order to obtain the maximum number of targeted visitors to its pages. Search engine optimization also known as seo. Among other things, seo, like science, is studying methods removing a web resource for the highest possible position in search engines to ensure a particular keyword query. Key requests – these are words that are somehow related to the subject site.

Effective search engine optimization – is, above all, high rankings on the key demands! What is the key requests, we have already sorted out, so I suggest go directly to the notion of ranking. What is it? But the ranking of the site – it is just, and there is is the map of your site in search engines for any request. So, in other words, what position is the site to search engines. The essence of optimization is that after all the activities site visitors come from. Visitors to the site, in turn, are divided into two categories: targeted and untargeted.

They differ in that one interesting information on your site, while others simply say: "Maybe this is interesting, but it not what I was looking for and go from your own site. As has become clear, we are interested solely target visitors. Because that is the target visitors can, sooner or later become customers and generate profits. Well, here we are dismantled the concept of optimization. As I promised, we did not deviate from the course and considered only the actual value of search engine optimization. In addition, we defined the objectives and nature of search engine optimization. In my opinion, these moments are an integral part of the definition.

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