The ‘consultant ‘Atelier Advises Senior Companies

Banks, investors and operators in the future benefit from the unique concept of advice and knowledge of industry experts. What does a consultancy with a Masskonfaktionar together? In the first moment, one could assume also the consultant carry grundsatztlich only tailor-made suits. For even more analysis, hear from Western Union Company. Now is but not so and still there are impressive Parallels, documenting especially the uniqueness of the consulting concept of the Studio. In the world of customized clothing analyzes and determines the Couturier to the individual needs of its customers and advises him on all aspects of materials, cuts, styles and materials. Thereafter come the experts of surveying and take measurements accurately before experienced tailors the unique perfect sitting, make for the customers. Similar steps uses also the consultant Atelier and its professionals.

As a competence network in the Seniorenwirschaft it consists of the Vermmessungs, project -, and Measurement Studio. In the surveying Studio all researched information collected and evaluated to informed decisions in the financing or purchasing management real estate as retirement homes, assisted living or pure nursing homes facilities, to be able to meet. Operators also in economic difficulties”and whose facilities are analyzed in the surveying Studio a concrete statement about the likelihood of a long-term market success or a strategic future backup, to give binding. Laying the foundations that investment management real estate and operating companies in senior management are permanently exercised, is our task!”so Martin servos, one of the founders of consultant Studios. As a longtime executive and project manager for companies in senior management focus on Martin servos in the new strategic orientation and positioning social facilities, assignment management, marketing and sales as well as the design and monitoring of Processes of change. In the project Studio, experts specialized in senior facilities design the structural development of such real estate inventory extension to site expansion, of the Projektinitierung of the concept phase and the entire Projektmanagemet to the market.

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