The Display

It wanted to often watch within the glass, not outside that went the indications to him through inconsistency. It removed from the display cabinet the magnificent glasses of his glasswork of Bohemian, it extended a table cloth of finsimo white linen, ignited white candles without perfume not to disturb the tasting, engalan with flowers its luminous and satately hall cuts modernist, chromed scenery with acid crystal, metals, and velvets brown chocolate, it invited to most handsome and attractive known its surroundings, friendly of the university, the work, of its childhood, its favorite dress was put and drank, in good company, until the dawn a delicious red wine of the shore of the Duero, until the point of which on the following day it did not remember if the bottom of the glass had spoken to him. What began as a form to drink sporadic to disinhibit itself socially, were quickly becoming frequent, but no matter how hard their mouth, nose and eyes inclined the glass to spill the liquid within their throat, and to leave cleared the bottom of the crystal, it did not find there nothing, only, deception and failure. It thought that by some reason that she did not know, a day would incline the glass and would find the prescription to reach his desires, his goals, his yearnings, until now him at heart it had gone of wonder. It did not move backwards in the persistence, every day looked for escusa to incline the glass, to which it, without knowing it, had turned into oracle, a talisman that not dominated. No matter how hard it swallowed the spirited liquid, to get to see that ass of full glass of keys with which to follow the yinkana of the life, the impenitente fight did not bear fruits. But the old system began to have faults to the second glass began to see badly, was losing the understanding, moved of clumsy form; Candle thought that it was for that reason reason why it did not manage to understand what the bottom of the glass as much time ago was trying to say to him.

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