The Exploration

It drowned the sacred fervores of the religious ecstasy, the cavalheiresco enthusiasm, the sentimentalismo small-bourgeois in frozen waters of the egoistic calculation. It made of the personal dignity a simple value of exchange; it in such a way substituted the numerous freedoms, conquered with effort, for the only implacable commerce freedom. In a word, in place of the exploration guarded for religious illusions and politics, the bourgeoisie placed an opened, cynical, direct and brutal exploration. (MARX, 2010, p 8) It is important to detach that the main objective of the bourgeoisie, according to author, is the attainment of profits millionaire. The capitalist system, in contraposition to the socialism, does not foresee the protection of the weak ones, benefit of the poor persons, support to the sick people, aiding of small producers or preservation of the environment. The politics of the bourgeoisie is, since then, promoted by means of specific concepts as ' ' it exempts comrcio' ' , ' ' market livre' ' ' ' freedom of empreendimento' '.

The commercial success of these enterprises, national or multinationals, always causes a responsibility, generally paid for native peoples, small agriculturists, shepherds, craftsmen, fishing, enters other groups. In accordance with the point of view of these people, such concepts of bourgeois freedom represent another concept, called ' ' capitalism selvagem' ' , which describes the world-wide order in which weakkest frequent they are condemned to the poverty and the misery. To be able structural: the force of the globalization the international capitalism if has expanded through a new model, since the beginning of the decade of 1990. Operated under the globalization concept, it is based on the structures of the old world-wide nets of commerce and succeeds a colonial system in which some powerful capitalist nations, especially European, governed and explored foreign nations in distant territories. The globalization process dynamically is structuralized, although to be extremely complex and turbulent.

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