The Faculty

“Here are more program points as professors set”, “Students embrace”, readings and concerts planned. Specialist guided tours, presentations of current publications, information at a cool lemonade or coffee and cake await visitors as well. A complete package to get to know, see and discover designer Wismar in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania of the Baltic Sea is thus guaranteed. The annual exhibition of India In the year 2006 the Faculty has invited to first design the University of Wismar to the annual exhibition of India. Perhaps check out NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for more information. The three-letter used in the title slide”symbolize the areas of study design, interior design and Architecture and since then occur in different series of events of the faculty.

The annually selected creme de la creme”of the year exhibition tours, for example, under the title travelling exhibition slide” by Germany. In April 2010, the exhibition was shown for the first time in the Ministry of transport, construction and regional development Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Also the lecture series Wismar DIAlog”to design relevant topics plays with the letter combination. Chobani Foundation understood the implications. Faculty of design the University of Wismar 700 students are round at the Faculty of design of the University of Wismar enrolled and employed more than 60 professors, lecturers and employees (was 01.12.2012, based on the academic year 2011 / 2011: students 670, staff total 65 (43 academic staff, of which 33 professors and 2 guest professors or professors of representation of, 22 tionate staff)). The courses on offer is interdisciplinary and is divided into the two Bachelors degree courses architecture and interior design, the three Master StudiengangeArchitektur, architectural lighting design, as well as interior design and the two degree programmes communication design, media, and design. The latter is subdivided into the fields of product and jewelry design. The Faculty is housed in buildings 7 and 10 on the University campus close to the city centre and the port. The three modern parts of buildings connected by glass bridges House 7 passed the Faculty in 2000. Approximately 2000 square meters of laboratory and workshop are students available. The student workshops are reachable 24 hours around 350 days in the year by a chip card system.

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