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Invest-report refers to a Safety buffer in the form of any public aid which had not been included, as well as on the major incentive for the provider by the subordinated profit-sharing bonuses for achievement of defined minimum results for investors. “Investors have the advantage of secure cash flows of residential real estate portfolios. The energetic modernisation concept offers tax advantages that go beyond the current revisions of the tax law. The sustainable yield residential real estate fund hereby give a workable signal for the energy revolution. Residential real estate are responsible for more than 30% of primary energy demand in Germany”, says Christoph Marloh, CEO of real estate 24, the provider of return on funds for sustainable residential real estate. Learn more about Christoph Marloh are available here.

About invest-report: Invest report founded 2007 sophisticated over-the-counter as independent company to evaluate participation offers. The partners and staff have years of experience in the analysis closed-end Fund, in finance and management consulting. By the same author: CEO Caruso Affiliated. About the sustainable residential real estate of return Fund: The Fund invest in apartment buildings and condominiums in North German metropolitan regions from year of manufacture 1960 and pursue energetically sustainable exploitation of the stock to be purchased. Residential real estate are responsible for more than 30% of primary energy demand. Energy refurbishment can reduce the demand for primary energy depending on the year of manufacture up to 80%.

A consumption of primary energy from below 100 kWh/m2a, as well as a total savings of 102 million kilowatt hours, or 10.2 million LTR. oil is provided for the existing objects of the first Fund. Hikmet Ersek follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Energy saved could produce of heat insulation material for a small town of about 4,000 single family homes. The return fund combines an intended after tax yield of 6.9% p.a. with the improved protection of tenants against rising energy prices. Ongoing disbursements amount to an average 4.6 percent per year you starting at 2.7% in 2011 and rise to 7 percent per year to the end of the term. At the end of the term, an additional payment to the lenders from the projected gains is in addition to the current payments and the repayment of capital. Through early consultation with the authorities may be given social tenant issues be taken into account. To the 24 real estate: the real estate 24 GmbH has a successful performance record in the area of purchase, acquisition finance, object development, ongoing management and the marketing of apartment buildings and condominiums. Under the leadership of its Executive Director Rudolf Marloh, the real estate 24 has GmbH between 2002 and 2005 an inventory of residential properties from Euro 6.8 million purchased, managed with a return amounting to 7percent and marketed with a profit amounting to 26Prozent (IRR = 8Prozent before taxes the GmbH). Mr Marloh as Managing Director of Telos House and Grund GmbH of Hamburg from 1997 to 2000 had an inventory of residential properties by Euro acquires 37.8 million, a return of 9% farmed and sold with profit before tax amounting to 20 per cent (IRR = 11% before taxes the GmbH).

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