The Green New Times Of Crusher

In recent years, to promote the development of Chinese economy, improve the national income, the government investment to the heavy industry are gradually increase. Mining machinery crusher has become an important pillar of Chinese national economic development, which has been widely used in industrial construction, and is indispensable to China s industrial equipment. With the continuous development of science and technology, the development of the crusher are constantly in our new discovery in the crusher, injected new innovative technology, has laid a solid crusher better applications in industry foundation. In environmental protection and energy saving was, our government s investment to the green production and technology research of crushing industry has exceeded the other countries. Green is a symbol of vitality, as the main colors of the natural vegetation. Green is about preventing the deterioration of the natural environment, improve the environment to make it suitable for a work of human work and life.

Green reflects the natural human yearning Chong along the beautiful natural pursuit, and for environmental protection, governance and ultimately to achieve harmony with nature. Environmental protection is the human conscious conservation of natural resources and make reasonable use to prevent contamination and destruction of the natural environment; comprehensive management of the contamination and destruction of the environment must be prepared (such as the waste produced by the hammer crusher), to create the environment suitable for human life and work. Environmental protection are the various actions taken by humans to solve real or potential environmental problems, and to coordinate the relationship between humans and the environment to ensure sustained economic and social development of the general. The methods and means includes:engineering technology, administration, legal, economic, publicity and education. Our company has become one of important company whose main work is production, and main philisophy green are to promote the economic growth, and pratice enviroment protect.

Low-carbon environment has now become the main purpose of the development of the industry of crusher, crusher development chinese have entered the era of green development. The economic globalization has deeply rooted in our country, the energy saving, low-carbon have become the major trend of the development of various economic undertakings, and this trend has become the the crusher industry development direction. Told the development of China in this day and age, we have to look to see the world, drawing on the experience of other countries. Now some developed countries have developed their technology revolution with the core part of high efficiency, low-carbon. Chinese government made extraordinary efforts and remarkable achievements in this regard, in this time of global economic develop rapidly, indevelopment innovation, chinese will not miss this green production, at the same time, the green production of crusher will make impressive constribution to it.

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