The New Electronic Tax Deduction Card

An important innovation is unaware the innovations, advantages, disadvantages, and changes who is still waiting for his tax deduction card for 2011. Usually, she came with the post and had to be given from the employer. It was once, however, the income tax card is electronically in the future. To understand this, should be seen probably once closer the meaning of the income tax card. Can it be understood as a link between the employers and the IRS, which displays the employee’s tax data and specifies, in which IRS taxes must be removed. Nowadays, this paper-run form the tax deduction card is outdated. The authority must bring the data from their system on the map, then manually read off by the employer, get them in the digital management a pluck.

This calls for an increased effort on all parties. It would be easier from the outset to transmit data, without having to go through the employee electronically. So you are no longer as of 2011 Municipalities and communities for responsible tax card, but the financial offices. Changes or the first application can be requested only about this. This system will ready for use for the first time be now 2012, which is why the map of 2010 even for 2011 is valid. Should it so 2011 change jobs, also tax card must be issued with, to present them with the new employer.

The federal Central Office for taxes (BZSt) builds a corresponding database at the moment, which is enriched by using the tax authorities with the data of all citizens. Who therefore have to pay wage tax from 2012 needs brought on the first working day more no card, but must deliver only the information about its tax identification number. The so-called “electronic LohnSteuerAbzugsMerkmale (ELStAM)” can get so by the employer. For example the control class or the height of certain allowances. “Many citizens are now afraid that this is a further step towards the transparent citizen” might be. Therefore is every citizen can inspect in the future in his digital data, the tax offices or the Elster-portal. Data that changes over the years, are automatically transmitted to the end of each month to the personnel departments. But not only for the tax authorities and the employers, less amount of work arise. Also the citizens to benefit from the change. For example by avoiding unnecessary roads during change of payroll tax deduction features through the clear responsibility of the financial offices. Also the communication between citizens, businesses and tax authorities through the digital path is clearly accelerated and simplified. Also for any replacement lohnsteuerkarten costs now, if you’ve lost them once. The Federal Ministry of Finance has collected all the important information about the electronic tax deduction card and all changes and innovations in a brochure. These are available on the pages of the Federal Ministry of finance to the download.

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