The Process

For this reason, I decided to follow the practice meditation and yoga, until succeeded in integrating it as part of my life. In a principle caused me a little problem, because these ya que estas practicas practices not performed them on an ongoing basis and therefore, I had to readjust my activities to make a special space to these practices. It was little by little, creating the need to take them not as a discipline or technique, but as a way of life. Currently I meditate daily, I have my special place and I am engaging my family so that they also practice meditation. At the moment, my son the minor has become my ally and support to be constant in the practice of this discipline. THIRD SEMESTER this semester was test. My life became a series of difficult circumstances that became the test of fire for me price and determine which was my growth so far.

Be aware of what is life, as proposed by Buddhism, helped me to keep me balanced and take perspective of situations, because I understood that with these circumstances I could do nothing, but if he could determine how current before them. I also learned to act from the heart and leave to others the responsibility for their actions. I.e., me di account that had achieved a degree of equanimity and which had initiated a new attitude of observer. It helped me understand that everything passes and everything flows within the impermanence. From this new attitude could not judge nor blame anyone because I didn’t understand for what I was going through at that point in my life. If I had not gone through the process of inner transformation that had previously made at mastery, I believe that the date would be full of resentment against certain people who apparently made me rain over wet.

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