The Son

Donana woke up when they were arriving it. When going down of the bus, Donana opened the stock market and took off a bundle of inside: – Juninho, my son, gives this gift to its father. – It is the anniversary of it? it inquired Juninho. – Not, but it is as if it was? Donana with a smile in the lips answered. They had been come close to the penitentiary. In that day, it did not have lines of women to be revistadas.

The guard only asked what it wanted and it said to it that it are to wait the son, who would be in freedom. – Great S.L. Branches? it was hurried in saying Donana. – V, mother came! Juninho said, going to the meeting of the mother. Paula appears.

In the five years that Great were imprisoned, it visited to it not more than three times, but in that day, it are to wait it. He did not delay very and it appeared in the door of the penitentiary. He was lean, but he had the happy semblante. He brought a bag with some few belongings. He ran to the meeting of the women and the child. He hugged the mother with ternura, he caught the son in the col and kissed the wife. He was free, finally! Juninho, shyly, gave bundle to it with the gift. Great it opened: – I adore t-shirts with this color! Debtor, filho! kissed the mother candidamente. They had been for the bus point. Great it wanted to know why Mariana, its niece, also did not have IDO. – It started a period of training monday. She did not want to ask for to leave early already in the first week. Oh, Great! I am so proud of it! Great it smiled. It looked at for Paula: – I found that you would not come? Paula only repaid the smile to it.

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