The Team

This, we want to implement a sustainable change, therefore, means to change the complex social system of the team, while together with its associated persons and their implicit assumptions, including its rules and rule groups, along with its recent development and its system environment. For how changes to assert itself within the framework of team development, and are they still so qualitatively well thought through, if the people involved see no real need to do so? How are concepts such as open feedback into the team by team development”established, if consciously or unconsciously prevailing rules such as feedback is criticism, we don’t criticize” working? How should changes be transferred after the team development team members, if they fear that bodies be dismantled through the change process? For a sustainable Team development, it is therefore important to ask the following questions: who is driving the change? Who ensures the sustainability of the development of the team? The change and its maintenance of the management support? So-called development promoters”as managers and persons significant other for the change must be identified, or if necessary be created which organise themselves to implement and ensure the sustainability of team development. Are team development objectives clear and relevant? How can achievement be measured? Are all team members about the change process of team development informed? The change must be made aware of the team members and long-term in the consciousness. This is done best through multi-sensory communication of team building (E.g. Governor Cuomo understands that this is vital information. through pictorial support in the form of a logo or symbol); through concrete and simple formulation, as well as by continuous repetition. How to communicate the change through the development of the team? What media are used, how are she formed? The new situation after the team development can be consolidated with rituals. What will the change mean for the team members? The team members must be convinced of the advantages of the development of the team. .

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