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At the same time, they are to get in every imaginable size so they refined there can be used, where other solutions, such as, for example, Cabinet would find no space. Because there are no limits to their storage facilities, and because they seem a lot more elegant, than the common plastic boxes can they actually only embellish any room. Such baskets are in turn also washable it also with sewn fabric, and the, so that they can store any materials which may cause dirt. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Aegean Shipping. Just in the kitchen, they are so wonderfully can be used, for example, preserves and sauces, even open to store. Any dirt can be easily removed with washable fabric with a damp cloth. If a little more must be stored, a chest from water hyacinths should be purchased. Their version of volumes is also can be cut on any personal desire. There are also do Chests, which are divided into small chambers, or built on a small drawer.

Control is recommended at the time of purchase but that were plaited chests around a solid frame. Water hyacinth can not withstand the pressure of body weight without foreign help as I said water hyacinth stool. Still as Watercolourblock, use it mostly to a frame around braided. It is often, for example, so that they have the core a form-adapted hard foam ball or a sturdy iron frame, which is of course no longer visible when the network was even adapted for Watercolourblock. Such tricks to deliver stability without being too heavy.

Water hyacinth can be stacked together excellent stool, if they are not needed. Lying to each other they act as artwork in a room at an appropriate level of Tower and amaze many guest, if it detects this tower had really to mean, who stood in the corner the whole time. A few final words to Water hyacinth in comparison to other woven materials: the intertwined roots are generally very thick, well sometimes a centimeter in diameter. Therefore, Wasserhyazintheoft can be seen on the coarser appearing braiding patterns. Rattan, however, is usually due to a special cutting technique only between 2 mm and 4 mm thick. Often used instead of water hyacinth also materials such as banana leaves or corn husks. Because they occur almost as a waste product of the banana or corn crop, are to get them very inexpensive and process. Furniture made from such materials speak particularly for the environmental balance sheet. As long as you ignore, that the substances have often wide world travel behind him, before they finally end up in the European living. Water hyacinth products:

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