The Universe

How can we say that the universe has a limit, if the words "universe" we are talking about everything? How can we say that the universe has a limit? I think these two issues are the only two possibilities, they oppose. However, our mind, at least you have someone who can … I hope! – Is unable to imagine any of the options out there, or maybe yes, but it would be a gap in his consciousness. However, the reason and logic would lead us to choose an infinite universe as a finite universe would lead us to wonder what happens and there (if not empty space, matter and dark energy, or visible matter) outside their limits?, and if this limit exists, we would leave the definition of a "whole" for the universe. So we opted for something without end, without limitation, all infinity. And besides it is impossible to imagine something similar-even for numbers, "lead us into a physical dispute: first discard the idea of an origin and secondly, whether the universe is expanding, what makes this possible? Well, to make possible the second, we must validate the former, ie a source. But no one source that says the universe was concentrated with a very low gravity and unimaginable infinite temperature (Big Bang) is more likely to say that all matter and energy is that which was concentrated. By saying so, we can imagine this singularity in an empty space infinitely great: the universe. Otherwise, meet again with the first question: Limit universe? From here comes a possible end immediately, not to the universe, but for what we see today as a physical world where there is life: the "Big Rip." The expansion of all matter and the continuous removal of galaxies with each other would lead to what was an infinite gravitational force to the total loss of it, destroying the galaxies to be isolated from each other, and every star in each galaxy separating gradually, and every atom of every star and every proton, neutron and electron, and each positron and electron neutrino each, separated by decreasing the force of gravity, electroweak and strong nuclear.

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