The Way

What it is this? They are children and as they will go to coexist future? that to say of adolescents, young and millions of adults who if become adepts of this virtual world and they do not obtain to live without this virtual equipment? In elapsing of these vacations we had a wonderful experience, right in the center of one of the capitals of Brazil, we were to make one ' churrasquinho' with the family and friends in a well conserved forest, something was incredible where all had been astonished. Obviously that the real world has its advantages, but the important one is that balance between these exists two worlds. I believe that if we fossemos to bring up to date the Evangelho de Jesuses for century XXI, Jesus would not find more, prostitutes leprous, to cite some males of its time who hindered the people to live and to see the enchantments of the real world, by the way, they were marked by the law, a law that finished excluding and not including; those creatures for being excluded if directed the Master to ask for compassion, cure and power if to integrate again in the society. Currently we have many ' doentes' , in the truth ' viciados' , not only with the illicit drugs, as the cocaine, marijuana, crack that they vitiate and they kill, but &#039 exists; viciados' with the allowed drugs, I do not go to mention itself to the cigarette, for example, it also kills, in our context he has a type of drug that kills, therefore takes off the freedom of the human being, in many cases takes off until its dignity, I mention the ones to it that are become attached to the virtual world that they do not obtain more to coexist, to dialogue, to look at face the face with its fellow creature and until they ignore the innumerable problems; in the truth these creatures had left to coexist socially, by the way, many say that for the virtual world if it obtains everything and that everything is decided! Expensive reading friends – we are front to the serious problem, also affects until the world of the education. In century XXI the advanced modern and is the interactive education, will be? Real world and virtual world where if find the balance? Where they are the extremities? What we can and we must make? Let us think about this and until the next one!

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