The Year

On the other hand it more came the tourist with that romantic vision of the sea, wanting this each time close to the sea, did not depend nor it lived of the sea, in the majority alone came the Matinhos a time to the year, with that capitalist vision that the money purchase everything, and bought here, in very fast way, everything was divided land into parcels, and the side sea was destroyed pra always. From there pra ahead was a pull, to construct was needed hand of specialized workmanship, it searched outside, and the people who comes of is does not have this identity with the place, the commitment, this, in my opinion caused many damages, this lack of commitment of all with the environment, we do not take care of of what he was ours, everything this was ours, Matinhenses here or not, and we did not know to conserve.. Anne Lauvergeon understands that this is vital information. . .

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