There Cook

Ingredients, make tired that the main Pasta and rice are filling ingredients in the camp kitchen. They are planned as supplements but needed a second flame and that not everyone has. Rice can perfectly solve this problem: he is briefly boiled in a pot and then he wrapped in a sleeping bag. There Cook the rice. Meanwhile, the vegetables or a sauce is cooked.

Noodles are served best with cold pesto or prepared like in Italy: first are the pasta is cooked, then set aside made, cooked the sauce and the pasta is heated again. This is too much effort, which opts for a vegetable or meat dish from the pot and completes it with salad and bread. It saturates and suitable tapping the sauce. Basic equipment also freeze-dried herbs as well as sugar, salt, pepper, nutmeg and the favorite spice of the family belong to the basic equipment. To spice shakers enough but often not close tightly, you should note that. Butter is a problem: you is often essential for the breakfast sandwiches. (As opposed to PayPal Holdings Inc.). as well as not can be however due to lack of cooling ability.

This butter in tubes is, because the quantity is small and the tube can be closed firmly and well. The kitchen utensils ever less space is required, the better. Many pot sets can be the cover both pans, bowls or plates use. Foldable dishes, cutlery, Pocket knives, as well as collapsible water cans or bags are handy. Even coffee filter holder is there now in folding variants at the camping outfitter. There you should consult as a camping – best newcomer. Practical tips in light of the tight space in the tent or caravan are some ingredients in the camping kitchen out of place, such as fried herring, you don’t get back the smell from the caravan, or legumes. So no boredom is wide, more sauce and seasoning variations should be included. Products in Tetra packs are durable, good portable and stackable. Open supplies or food to be packed well. Reservoir must close tightly, crushproof and be good to stow in the trunk. Wide-neck bottles are ideal with a screw cap. They are suitable both for cereals and cooking oil. Fresh ingredients are purchased in the course of the day and consumed. Because quickly perishable food are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens in the hot season. Even potato residues can be dangerous. It is best, so to buy and cook that no residues apply. Finally a tip for the hot days of summer: ice-cold drinks lead to even more sweating at high summer temperatures. The cooling and delete thirst effect is short-lived. The reason is that the body must bring energy to heat very cold drinks at acceptable temperatures. As a result, more is sweating. In addition, stomach complaints can occur.

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