Titanium Renaissance

Anyone who likes to draw, but not all can. There are paintings that adorn the walls of his brilliance and color. Many extravagant and mysterious which cause different images of paintings. But those that we see now are very rare. They carry the energy that we are looking for, seldom realizing that here it is – in front of us. Of the young artist, after one look at them, become a wedding ring, which can not be removed. Energy, contained in them, not just sip of coffee. It cures as the author himself, a doctor and just a good man.

In the light fragment smears can see a lot of images and figures laid down by the author on the level of intuition. This is a picture in a picture. A variety of images, demonstrated on an intuitive level, make the artist creator. Not everyone is given to see, but it is not necessary. Even a glance at the picture leaves the viewer with something warm and kind, helping to be kinder and more beautiful. This is what we so need in these difficult time, which is Life. She has written for art teachers are doing! It is known that the creativity of Verrocchio served as an example for the young Michelangelo.

One of the most famous paintings of Verrocchio – “Baptism of Christ.” Leonardo painted the young angel figurine here (extreme left figure). This romantic, dreamy angel very favorably with coarse angel nearby, owned by master himself. Leonardo – Titanium Renaissance is no other artist can, with the same confidence to call a genius. Leonardo, like Shakespeare, had a low origin, but gained worldwide fame. He was the illegitimate son of a notary from Tuscan town of Vinci. His father found him, paid training, but we can only guess, as an ambiguous position in Leonardo’s early years affected the striking independence of his behavior and thinking. He had the almost incredible talent: masculine beauty, a beautiful singing voice, a rare physical strength, scientific and mathematical talent, and so on, ad infinitum. With such exorbitant talent it lightly to his artistic pursuits, seldom finishing works occasionally took on a radical technical experiments. For example, the “Last Supper” in Milan, the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie almost died as a result of its unsuccessful attempts to prepare a new wall murals to writing. Still extant masterpieces still remain the most poetic in the world. “Mona Lisa” (“La Gioconda”) to his misfortune too famous, so it can be see only through thick glass, and dense crowds of enthusiastic spectators. She flaunts in countless reproductions, shutting in its magical charm, inaccessible to human understanding. It can only be silent look. Three great female portrait by Leonardo mystery full of sadness, especially Cecilia Gallerani attractive (“Lady with an Ermine”), especially in the enigmatic Mona Lisa, particularly in the Guinevere calling Bench. It is difficult consider the “Mona Lisa” because our expectations are too high. Better take a closer look at the not so famous portrait Genievre Bench, complete exciting, almost unearthly beauty, typical images of Leonardo.

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