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From 1 October UK plastic surgery could be charged for being issued a notice of prohibition and improvement warns Michael Slade, managing director of health and safety specialist Bibby Consulting & Support. Making workplaces safe, even in the cone crusher construction industry, is not rocket science, he said. In terms of sectors, Eurostat said building construction output declined 3.2 per cent in the Eurozone and – 5.6% in the EU27 year-on-year in June. Output in the civil engineering sector decreased 3.8% in the Eurozone and – 9.3% in the EU27 compared to June 2011. On a month-on-month basis, construction output was down 0.5% in the Eurozone and – 1.7% in the EU27. Mixing system 1. This system adopts the advanced technology of Germany and Italy, cooperate with Tongji University, use the reducer of international brand, and STI BONFIGLIOLI epicyclic gear has the feature of little cubage, high efficient and running perfect.

2. The material of scale board and blade is chrome wear resisting casting iron, the obliquity is finite element analysis design, It has excellent mixing affect, runs fast, long service life. 3 Bearing and airproof of the axes are separated, adopting the excessive point engrase press airproof, mazeing airproof and fluctuate airproof in all, so make the airproof credibility. Filed under: Nayantara Ghosh-Ersek. 4 It has the feature of design, excellent damping overweight. 5. The discharge door is controlled by the hydraulic pressure, with three-point settle and manual opening, lose noise. 6.

Using the engine 380v, the centralized lubricating system can pour the lubricating oil to num’axes. Mr Slade was responding to news that, when inspecting 22 London construction sites recently, the UK s Health & Safety Executive (HSE) took formal enforcement action against almost half of the firms. In most cases, the problem was simply that basic precautions had not been taken, but one site was actually shut down because the working environment was simply too hazardous. Compared to May, the largest decreases in June s construction output were registered in Romania (- 10.0%), UK (- 4.7%), Poland (- 2.4%) and Germany (- 2%), while the strongest increases were seen in Slovenia (6.8%), Spain (1.3%), Sweden (1.1%) and France (0.7%). Calling these figures nothing short of staggering, Mr Slade said, In simple terms all you have to do is follow the guidance available and plan ball mill operation things properly; so it’s extremely disappointing to see that the number of fatalities in this sector has remained static at around 50 for the second year running. So many of these deaths are wholly avoidable.

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