Trade Recycling

What should be the steps? 1 – choose a car that you want to buy (book or order it). It is important to do exactly this in advance because The date of receipt after the date of the old car is limited. For this we need to look at the lists of vehicles covered by the program, compare prices and find the right dealer (lists of both, see below) 2 – old car should be derecognised in the traffic police post permanent registration, be sure to mark "for disposal". You can do this myself, but dealers are ready to do all communication with the traffic police power of attorney to take over. In this case, pay the contract up to 3 tys.r., and this time the car will remain in custody dealer. OGIBDD ATC GO Rail, address: ul. 1st May, 4.

Tel. (495) 522-54-35 (on duty around the clock). 3 – provide a showroom car to TEST its compliance with the requirements of the car on the recycling program (or bring a tow truck at his own expense). If everything is OK, auto show gives printed "certificate of recycling in 5 copies." 4 – to evidence must again come to the traffic police to put down all instances of the note of withdrawal AUTO from the register. Then, with 4 copies of "Testimony" and come back to the car dealer to dealer. 5 – it gives you a certificate DISCOUNT of 50 thousand rubles for the purchase of the car (from a list of the recycling program) from the same dealer. You can pay the whole amount at once, or take the credit.

Terms and banks in each dealer's own. ACCEPTED FOR ANY CAR RECYCLING? Age over 10 years (according to TCP or its substitute). The car must be owned by the last owner (a Russian citizen) at least 1 year with a complete set of documents confirming the right sobstvennosti.Avtomobil has allowed the full weight of not more than 3.5 tonn.Avtomobil should be on the move or fit to carry on avtovoze.Avtomobil must be Complete, and it should have: – not destroyed and equipped with seats and interior components – tires and wheels – battery – exhaust system and catalytic converter (if it's by design), – engine, transmission and ancillaries – glazing elements – fuel, – technical liquids. Choosing a car to the recycling program is quite large, for example, one of the dealers 'AvtoGermes' may be on the recycling program to choose a car from the very extensive list (a list of car) What is the price? This is not so simple. For example, selected at random from a list of auto recycling – Kia Spektra, sold by one of the dealers for tys.r. 359, with discount for recycled car at 50 thousand, we get the real 309 000 to be put. But the open-market statistics Yandex in the last month, and we see that the average price for Kia Spektra-… 313 000. The gain is small. In the collection point (eg in the Moscow region three, in frontal, under Lyubertsy in Dzerzhinsk) is directly need not apply – there car dealer deals directly with whom you come in contact. CONTACT THE PROGRAM scrapping with the Ministry of Trade's website: 8 (495) 748-01-04, 8 (495) 748-01-09, 8 (495) 748-01-14

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