Translate PDFs Automatically

The 5 most common misunderstandings misunderstood No. 1: with the tools available it is necessary to upload the file to the Internet. This only applies to some of the tools available, there are several that is not necessary. Simply a translation software is downloaded to your computer. With this type of software, you choose the file by clicking with the right button of the mouse and starts the translation, without having to upload the file to the Internet. Not misunderstood. 2: A tool can translate everything. There is no product that makes everything.

For example, at present all tools fails to translate PDF files scanned and in the translation of the text within the images contained in the PDF files. Luckily, most PDF documents are not scanned and consist only of images, and can therefore be translated. Of course, we cannot expect 100% accuracy with a PDF translator! Misunderstanding No.3: The tools available need to use expensive Adobe software. Again, this only It is true with some tools. In fact, some translators integrate with Adobe tools, but most are independent. The most common tools do not depend on other software to translate a PDF. Although most require an Internet connection. The prices of these tools vary between tens of dollars.

Misunderstood no.4: any machine translator is almost useless. This is not true. Although the quality is not perfect as a professional translation, the automated translation is useful when it is required a quick translation and the text to be translated is common text and non-specialized (e.g., content legal or medical). You can save lot of time and money to use an automated translation. Not misunderstood. 5: PDF translators removed images from PDF files. Unfortunately, this is true for most tools, luckily, it is not for everyone. Preserve the images is an important feature since most of images in the file PDF are needed to understand the content of the PDF file. Choosing a translation tool for your use, be aware of this feature! We have clarified 5 of the most common misunderstandings about automated translation of PDF files. Translation of files PDF Tools belong to a specialized category of tools that is currently developed in an active way. For more information on how to translate PDF automatically please visit

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