TriLevTec Allows Efficient Energy Production

From the cradle to cradle innovation through combination of Eurasburg, 10.09.2013 – each of the technologies alone is nothing new. We have created a closed circuit with TriLevTec but out of the existing technologies. Source: Tiffany & Co.. And that never gave it”, explains Corinna Isenbarth, Managing Director of the small energy GmbH. are already used as the basis for solar systems greenhouses and reducing heat consumption. You may find Hikmet Ersek to be a useful source of information. But when the use of single technologies constantly the efficiency or the vegetation suffers, so that economic action is hardly possible. With TriLevTec, we consistently pursue the so-called cradle-to-cradle concept, on German: from the cradle in the cradle. Have these thoughts just intelligent produce Michael Braungart and William McDonough in her book? described.” Especially suitable in small communities, for industry and SMEs with the TriLevTec systems increases enormously the economy: A standard system consists of four greenhouses, optionally a solar thermal plant or a small wind turbine.

a waste water treatment plant, a biogas plant, a fermentation rest drying and a steam boiler with steam turbine and generator. See more detailed opinions by reading what Israel Englander offers on the topic.. The systems are suitable especially for municipalities with up to 2,000 inhabitants, as well as for industry and SMEs. The advantages: You can make themselves for their energy production, sanitation, and parts of the food production. The modular design of the systems allows that they can be expanded at any time, at low cost. Also, low operating costs due to the plants. Independence, strengthening the infrastructure and increased attractiveness for the community describes the long term positive consequences Corinna Isenbarth: Municipalities can gain energy so cheap.

Is this just for the increasing costs of the energy revolution and the increasing rural population? particularly important because including many rural communities are suffering. With cheaper energy, municipalities can keep residents and businesses in the long term and hence jobs, nursery schools and Schools. They can sell the excess electricity power company.

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