Understanding Success

Why isn’t everyone successful? This is the question I asked myself the past few months. Indeed, what prevents people from being successful? I watched her acquaintances, friends and relatives, but could not understand why These people are not prosperous? It seems to be fools not among them. However After a short talk with almost everyone on the theme of success, start a business, a business became clear very interesting feature. Most of my friends or relatives people are ready to start their own business, but the questions arise: ‘What if I fail?’, ‘What shall I do?’, ‘What will I do?’, ‘This is not working’ What if? What if? Why? All of these questions suggests the same idea. For even more details, read what Western Union says on the issue. On the path to success most people prevents one very bad feeling. This sentiment is in virtually every one of us.

This is – fear. In general, the fear of starting a business or some kind of commercial project is a thing quite natural, especially because for most people business – it totally new and unknown. They have never done this, and the concept of ‘business’, often in the minds of people is reduced to the banal opening of a stall or a tent on the market. It fear for many people, often an insurmountable obstacle. ‘Thanks to’ feel the fear many promising and interesting projects and have not been implemented, and those people who are, in principle, capable of what they conceived, never attempt to translate their dreams into reality and so, and remain dreamers.

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