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The OnVista Bank currently to new investors and that convincing, as the operators of wertpapierdepot.net find touts 100 euro voucher tank and five free securities so. New customers, who until April 15, 2010 at the OnVista Bank open a FreeBuy Depot, online brokers with five FreeBuys from Frankfurt and be welcomed Aral in the value of around 100 euro voucher tank. To obtain the large tank coupon, investors must complete 10 securities transactions with an order volume of at least 1,000 euros until May 31, 2010. Official site: Ria Financial Services. In addition to regular value paper purchases, free security purchases can be made, inserted from the available quota of FreeBuy depots. Investors who choose the FreeBuy depot of OnVista Bank, benefit from up to 360 free purchases in the year.

The FreeBuys depend on the selected order package, as well as from the average balance in the previous month. Investors with the package S at an average credit of so get 2,000 euros per Month 24 free purchases per year. Neither Depot nor accounting fees are raised in the first year. From the second year, there is the depot also free of charge if monthly at least one transaction was made. No fees are charged for the limit issuance, amendment, or deletion. The professional GTS trading software base, including issuer and Scoachkursen in realtime-push-quality, free to the depot there are. Who performs at least 100 trades a month, can make free use of the GTS software premium, 69.00 EUR / 49.00 euro will be charged less trades. All details about the offer of OnVista Bank find interested investors here: Depot comparison/onvista.html for more than ten years active traders and investors at the OnVista Bank benefit from comprehensive brokerage functions at reasonable and transparent prices. Traders can trade securities at German marketplaces and exchanges in the United States, as well as over-the-counter directly with issuers currently 24. Daniel Franke

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