Universal Bandage

In any case, consult your doctor – it would take just your characteristics of pregnancy and it is your constitution. How do I choose? Most distributed three options antenatal bandages – Band in a pair of knickers (tie-pants) with an elastic support embedded in the front under the belly. The disadvantage of this model is that, since it is used instead of pants, tie need to regularly wash, making it difficult to wear. You may need to purchase some of these ties, pants. You can wear a tie and top of the underwear.

After removing a bandage, for example in the toilet, you must take a horizontal position to properly wear it. Jeff Gennette is actively involved in the matter. – Bandage-belt. This is a very popular model in the form of elastic bandage strip. Supports are put on underwear. The convenience of this tie that he makes it possible to regulate tightly fit through the side valves. Most models have three valves on the “sticky” for additional size adjustment. If in the process of wearing it turns out that the tie was more pressure on stomach or, conversely, was stretched, the lateral valves can be adjusted diameter at undoing the bandage. Learn more at: Governor Cuomo.

Universal (combined) bandage. Used both before and after childbirth. Modeled a bandage in the form of belts of rubberized fabric and fastens on the “Velcro.” In the prenatal period widest part of the belt strengthens the back, distributing the load, while the narrow portion supports the stomach and secured under the belly. After birth, are reversed on the contrary: the general part contains the stomach, narrow – back. It is convenient for its versatility and ability to save because they do not have to acquire special underwear twice: before and after childbirth. Not to be mistaken with the size of tie, it is best to seek the help of a consultant specialized store or pharmacy. If you prefer to do their own, keep in mind that the size of tires, belts corresponds to your size Pregnancy: S (42-44), M (46-48), L (50-52), xl (52-54), xxl (56 and above), and to find out the size of the tie-shorts should be to “doberemennomu” size to add another dimension. It is best to try several options and settle on where you feel most comfortable. Universal (hybrid) band is selected as follows: to measure centimeter tape abdominal circumference at the navel and the figures add 4-5 cm on the growth of the uterus in subsequent week of pregnancy – and this figure is the size of the bandage. Be sure to try on the tie, putting it on top of the underwear.

If the expectant mother, wearing a bandage, it feels comfortable, then the tie is chosen correctly. Sometimes have to re-measure several kinds of tires, to decide which one to choose. How to wear and wear? Must wear a bandage on his back, slightly lifting the hips. When a woman is, the queen falls under its own weight, and secure it in such a situation, we will only aggravate the problems that aims to fight bandage. To remove a bandage too comfortable lying. The bandage should not have undue pressure. The fact that the band is sitting as a something wrong, tell an elementary feeling of discomfort. However, often within the first 2-3 days it may be necessary to get used to new sensations, only then stay in the shroud will be more comfortable.

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