Universal Bending Machine

Optional accessories are manufactured by all sizes of pipes with a diameter of 17 to 60 mm and wall thickness from 2 to 5 mm. On special order the machine is equipped with snap-bending of long products (see table number 2): – Rolled gost 1414-75, (d 16 to 50 mm, steel grade each of CT-3 to CT-45) – Square rolled gost 1133-71 (size from 16 to 40 mm, steel grade each of CT-3 to CT-45) – a rectangular strip, and rolled gost 4405-75, (size from 10 to 40 mm, steel grade, any of the CT-3 to CT-45). Table 2 Profiles Pipe Rolled Profiled Pipe Max. dimensions of blanks, mm. A drug. 60 D drug. Further details can be found at Governor Cuomo, an internet resource. 50 is calculated individually for a specific order snap radius bending, mm. 210 210 The machine provides high-quality bending blanks at a given angle to 180 with minimal change in the geometry of the profile of non-crimp, fractures and other defects.

Allows you to produce complex products with multiple pipes in the orientation of the planes of bending in the space, considering peculiarities of the relief structures (when going around the columns, pillars and other obstacles). In order to best meet the needs of our customers plant provides the following services: – Advanced delivers: * set of replacement shoes * spare parts for machinery – Produces commissioning – Produces training, gives advice on operating the machine – Provides repair and maintenance of equipment supplied. Brief information about the process modules. 1.1. Process module number 1 Pipe-bending machine is designed for flexible pipes and rolled by running around the bending roller pattern (pads) in a cold state. The module is used for bending pipes with a ratio of outer diameter to wall thickness of less than 20, with the bending radius corresponds to 3 5 pipe diameters. Comes with pads and rollers for flexible water and gas pipes in the range 3 / 8 ", 1 / 2", 3 / 4 ', 1', 1 ', 1 ', 2 ', with a bending radius of 35 to 250 mm on the inner wall of the pipe. Bending is performed in a horizontal plane. On special request made kits for bending round tubes of different cross sections, profiles and pipes various rolled steel, nonferrous metals and alloys within the technical capabilities of the module. The machine is equipped with a module number 1 is denoted by – 'MMP-Z101'- a separate module number 1 – MMP-3101.01.000. The remaining information on the machine model number of EGS-6, equipped with various modules, refer to: Part 2 – Flantsegibochny machine STD-94U ('MMP-3101'- 2) Part 3 – Universal Bending Machine (' MMP-3101'- 3) for spiral ring-bending pipes.

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