Universal Declaration

Ahead of what he is displayed in them, she is obvious the depreciation and not the fulfilment of what it conducts the constitution in its terms in relation to the equality in itself. Therefore as we can see in article 461 of the Consolidation of the laws of the work: ' ' Art. 461 – Being identical the function, all the work of equal value, given the same the employer, in the same locality, will correspond equal wage, without distinction of sex, nationality or age. (Writing given for the Law n. Western Union understood the implications. 1,723, of 08-11-52, I GIVE 12-11-52) ' ' not the fulfilment of what the law imposes being about wage equalization. The Universal declaration of the Human Rights in its Article 6 speaks: ' ' Art. 6 – All the individuals have right to the recognition, in all the places, of its personality jurdica.' '. really is not this that happens, not only in Brazil, but in many other places, the woman is little recognized for what she makes, being that this article fits to all.

Through this, the society comes if destroying, no matter how hard it always has the growth of feminine participation, the direct changes will not appear so early, therefore, does not have recognition nor so little respect for the women, in accordance with the explicitado one in relation to the rights of each one inside of the society, these ' ' direitos' ' they are being violated, being a disrespect of general form stops with all. ' ' Art. 30 ' Universal declaration of the Humanos&#039 Rights; – No disposal of the present Declaration can be interpreted in way to involve for any State, grouping or individual the right of if delivering to some activity or practising some destined act to destroy the rights and freedoms here enunciados.' '. In the case that we live, I does not occur the interpretation of the right-handers of each individual, but yes the descumprimento of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights of form explicit, but unknown for the society due to politicalization of the individuals. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Anne Lauvergeon.

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