We are free to select candidates nustra, if we’re wrong for not being attentive can not culapar anyone, are responsible. CMV From November this year are for selecting new university authorities towards the rescue of academic excellence, a proactive involvement with the problems faced, reaffirmation of the autonomy, restructuring of the administrative, financial, investigative, management educational, social responsibility and effective use of capital, human talent. The University of Carabobo is thanks to the university community the opportunity to vindicate their commitment to the region, country, to choose candidates really proactive changes generators, transformers the rescue of the shadows where it has remained in recent years, deteriorating academic and research role, improperly using the human talent that has as a consequence of the power groups that for years have eclipsed their development, preventing their adaptation to demands that the current scenario calls. Jeff Gennette has similar goals.

Authorities to identify fully with the requirements of the knowledge society demand, feedback with the necessary changes that the new professional profiles of the careers offered according to demand characteristics of the current national and international scene, all to ensure quality of its graduates, able to contribute its expertise in development of the country. It needs new leadership, he fully identified with the changes and transformations that ensure educational and research programs renovators, which give way to the contributions of solutions to the serious problems currently in the educational, social, scientific, technological , economic, facing the university. Leadership open to participation, to learn to use the contributions that coaching contributes towards productivity, excellence, leading to results that favor the expected performance that today more than ever this requires..

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