I have a counselor of an autonomous community pursuing me by half the country so that we take a coffee together. Such requirement is due to the comment I made on a murky matter of public contracts which affected him. Can be seen that there is like criticizing someone so that pay you any attention. On the other hand, if you speak in your favor you do not nor case. Good.

That is not entirely accurate. Once I compliments the attitude of men and the rector of a University, it is assumed that spurred his curiosity by the unusual event, I cited to meet us. After I all pending his busy schedule day, canceled the meeting without giving me an explanation that was not obviously my responsibility. So once again I prefer that I ignore directly. These cases are typical of the human condition, clear.

For this reason, it is normal that people which lies at the top of the social ladder, infatuada by the charge that temporarily holds, not attend telephone calls from mere mortals. But, oh when your phone stops ringing!; then up to beg a little consideration that mitigates his longing for the lost power. One of the most curious anecdotes of this slide of the human vanities starred a friend of mine who I do not know if it is really so and less even if it will remain so after telling you this that was without work. Thanks to the few contacts that had at that time, I got a good job in a medium of communication. Some time later, when I needed him to account for a significant event affecting me, only I received the silent response. Surely at this point in the article, this reader we all always there is at least one, I don’t know very well why you’ll wonder if any of those events narrated occurred in Salamanca. This is the genuine curiosity of any news: know if one knows personally to their players. As for the interest does not decay, but that at the same time not caught me by I fingers, let it that maybe Yes. Or not. Who knows.

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