The famous experiment of Hawthorne, where it was intended increase productivity based on the improvement of the light and the ventilation of workplaces, yielded unpredictable results. The groups in which these enhancements were not made simultaneously increased their productivity. Finally it reached the conclusion that factors such as morale, team, satisfaction and recognition were other factors of productivity. The human relations school, that is born from this experience, then, aims to conquer not only the hands of the workers, but also that the heart. Read more from Hikmet Ersek to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Subsequently the school systems expanded the approach and argued that they should be considered all factors, not only the materials and psychological, but also systems of rewards, information, technology, structure and authority. You must hire the hands and the hearts of workers, but also the mind, what is the task of the administration of Human resources. An extreme, valid position among equals is called the administration of rein, in which managers can be chosen and considered first among equals.

This system can be useful in University departments, in medical and similar equipment. Variants with respect to levels of participation are: autocrat (total authority in the head) benevolent autocrat (authority in the head with some consideration by subordinates) management advisory (authority in the head with some help from subordinates) participatory management (authority and power shared, the Chief is a leader) management reins loose (power delegated to the group. Chief is the first among equals) characteristics of the present economic scenarios shown companies that have been able to give way to the new leadership of charismatic, participatory, where coaching figure collaborated significantly in that management knows properly use the participation of all members of the work team, get involved in the decision-making, listening to their views, proposals, suggestions, give way to creativity, which involves leading to achievements of results of the goals established, moreover, ensure loyalty and membership of workers to the organization.

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