University Carlos

If the movement dies the day of the elections it will know that he was something seasonal, united to the elections of day the 22 and del that somebody wanted to benefit, if it continues it will know that it was to the margin, but now neither I know nor I can say to whom benefits and to whom it harms, because even the publication of the surveys can influir". The professor warns besides a risk: " to be mistaken in the adressee of the protests, which we called a displaced aggression within the frustration-aggression hypothesis. Somebody does something and it to me payment with perro". For professor of sociology of the University Carlos III of Madrid Roberto Barbeito, " the prohibition generates ctos varied according to the place and the moment and has unforseeable ctos " , although it thinks that in this tactical mission " he would be counter-productive and animate to that still there were not decidido" , in addition, it explains, " they exist the necessity that the young people express themselves and now they do not have anything to lose, compensates more to leave than to have left in house. If a calculation of the cost takes place, it sees that the benefit is greater. There are 5 million unemployed, four of each ten young people do not have work, the news on the future are disquieting, to express itself has become in a necessity ". " The prohibition would be one torpeza" , it continues, " the reflection day affects the parties that concur to the elections; but in these manifestations the vote for anybody is not being requested, it is not the case, and, in addition, they exist preceding of manifestations of general and nonpartisan character before the elections, like which they took place after the attacks of 11-M". Source of the news: : ' CTO Streisand' in 15-M or how to secure more endorsement if the mobilizations are prohibited.

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