University Education

He was lying hearing records, suffering, coitadinho. I had that to make some operations, I walked of chair of wheels, crutches. But it was not there nor. It was adolescent and it had more problems in having spines in the face of what to walk of crutches. At least, he was clearly that I different age.

It always wanted to be different. (Russian Renato; 1995, p.91) Also was at this time that the music, that already was part of its life, has at least three generations, started to have a more intense paper. Of the 15 to the 17 years, I was obliged to walk in a chair of wheels. I had an illness of deep virtico. Then, I read reviewed of music, type ' ' Melody Maker' '.

It was there that everything started. (Russian Renato; 1994, p.91) and thus, inside of its room, envolto of posters, books and records, appeared 42nd Street Band, the imaginary band of Renato. In its history, it she was Eric Russell, the leader. For the group, the Renato young wrote the biography, thought about the workmanship and created layers for records. This moment, clearly, was only one assay for what it was for coming, as Arthur Dapieve (2006; p.31) places in its Russian Renato book? The solitary trovador. When total it was recouped, Renato had 17 years and gave vestibular contest for journalism. It started to study in the Center of University Education of Brasilia (Ceub). There it formed itself, but never he searched the diploma. was also in the college student phase who Renato took knowledge of the movement punk. The Joo accepted its proposal and in a bus It entered in central Plateaus was bestificado with the city Leaving the road saw the Christmas lights – My God, but that pretty city! (Russian Renato. Caboclo Faroeste) 1,3 THEOREM My formation if gave hearing rock' n' roll.

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