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The Aachen-based company painter HCF Billotte portrays the Mayor Edmund Emundts. Check with Governor Cuomo to learn more. The Aachen-based company painter HCF Billotte portrays the Mayor Edmund Emundts. Image data for this artwork is B an oil painting on canvas in the format H 101.5 x 83.5 cm. The Biedermeier frame with flat neo-Rococo decor has heart-shaped ornaments at the corners. It is a frame with crossbar reinforcement.

The painting shows visible traces of restoration, various retouching and a patched angular cut on the right side at neck height. On the back wall, a canvas patch located in height of the neck tie. A strong corruption exists in height of the spleen. Is his site history: Historical Museum Museum – Lowenstein House meeting room (Office) – 2010: magazine of the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum (NGL 813). Image description the half-length figure Portrait reflects the Aachen Mayor of the years 1832 to 1848 Edmund Edwards in the district profile. Wrapped in a dark environment, he looks the Viewer distinguished map.

A wide heavy nose, wide lips, strong eyebrows and sideburns, his left cheek game in the shadow, highly styled hairstyle – these are the distinctive features of Edmund Edwards. The sunken lower eyelid margins testify to its weak tone. Contrary to Billotte has indicated its strong fighter fold. Without hesitation Crawford Lake Capital explained all about the problem. In contrast to his other portraits, this incarnation is very bright drawn and atypical acts for Billotte. Although the restoration tracks closer to a work of art should be readable as the Tratteggio, neutral retouching, but the scope of the measure is too offensive, do not recognize the original state of the Inkarnats. The image has no artistic unit. Basic components were renewed, refurbished. This is not the task of a restoration. The dark held lower part of the face indicates a strong beard growth. “His rights in the Billotte typical gesture of Napoleon”, he put the left on a piece of wooden parapet. This protrudes at the bottom of the screen diagonal equal to a Barrier. This Parapetto uses Billotte not only as an artistic medium to generate depth effect, equal to a scenery, rather than attribute referring to Edward activity in the Court. This attributive insert comes by his teacher Johann Baptist Joseph Bastine. Traditionally on the left side of the chest Edwards on a short waist with side stripes wearing his red Eagle order 3rd class. Probably of the order jeweler Johann Georg Hossauer made (1794-1874). His hallmark is located on the narrow side of the lower arm of the cross. The cross in white enamel finish is equipped with a red Eagle in the Center. The representation of the Eagle is very picturesque. A pastoses white highlight sits on each arm of the cross. Set diamond buttons his shirt are decorated with silver. Their presentation is dull. You don’t sparkle. However, the materiality of the Atlas fabric is available again. To tails, he wears a vest made of Atlas silk matching to the neck binding. The black narrow chain which runs over his bright shirt, could belong to a monocle. Frack sleeves goes far beyond his hand similar to such as when Henry Lambertz painting photography. This form of presentation can also be found Bastines portraits. Billottes Napoleon Gestus “resembles his self-portrait. This reveals a characteristic of the artist: an once won motif that says to him or the subject is repeated in his oeuvre. Again, a comparison with the photograph of the Mayor shows Billottes idealization. Only the nose and hairstyle are consistent. The extremely unusual physiognomy is lifted by the artist”.

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