Vila Vicosa

Will in front of you, you’ll find a breathtaking view to the Portuguese hinterland, on the new”Elvas and open up more fortifications (see bottom photo). From the Castle you can stroll the narrow streets along, to z.B .in one of the many cafes on the Cathedral a cool blonde to enjoy. If you have read about mayo clinic patient stories already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Another highlight you have when leaving the city not to be missed. Elvas has a very well preserved and be a seriousness aqueduct. Should drive the circular road around the village along, you can’t miss it.

Elvas > Vila Vicosa – 40 mph 0:30 ride time / 8 Euro 3 day stage: Vila Vicosa-Vila Vicosa is the former powerbase of old Portuguese rulers. In addition to the Ducal Palace, the castle is the attraction with its beautiful views of the city par excellence. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Teng Yue Partners. Vila Vicosa > Estremoz – 30 km / 0:26 h travel time / 5 Euro 4 day stage: Estromoz Estremoz is a fortress which radiates much of his former invincibility. On the highest point of the old city, around 40 metres high large Watchtower, the tourists can climb by the way rises until today. One of the main attractions of Estremoz is the Pousada da Rainha Santa Jezebel (bottom photo). According to the tradition, the noble God-fearin’ woman fed poor people before the City gates and baskets of bread brought them out. She went so at great risk, because the help of these people was in the city verpohnt and banned.

“When she one day on their way to the arms of a guard was asked what would have them in the bins, she said: Rose”. When the guard saw after rose had become actually from breads and Jezebel could move undetected. Estremoz > Evora – 46 km / driving time 0:35 h / 8 Euro 5 day stage the city evora evora was founded by the Romans. Under Moorish rule, the town was at its height. In the 16th century, the city became a good address of Sciences and arts. A reputation the city keeps until today. We advise you to drive there to park your rental car to the Cathedral. Right next to the Cathedral you will find the remains of the Roman temple of Diana from the 2nd century AD. The Centre holds many small streets, inviting with many shops and cafes to linger. evora > Lisbon – 140 km / 1:40 h travel time / 25 Euro 6 stage: You can reach the starting point of Lisbon Lisbon. We hope this tour description has helped you with your vacation planning and allows you to beautiful day in Portugal. More free printable maps, travel tips and tour descriptions of Australia, Mallorca, Tenerife, Costa Brava, East Frisia, Gran Canaria etc etc we deem it under or author: Michael Wunk ready for them. We wish you a nice holiday! Your Combipix team

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